Tips to keep Car & Home Clean from COVID-19


Washing your hands and sanitising surfaces are important in the fight against the coronavirus. But one area you may have overlooked is your car. Consumer Reports says disinfecting your ride goes far beyond the steering wheel.


Think about how many surfaces in your car & home get touched on an average. The door handles inside and out, control knobs and buttons, the touch screen, even your directional and wiper control stalks are touched almost every time you drive your vehicle and in your home, door handles, kitchen benches in toilets etc.


Consumer Reports' automotive editors say that because the interior of most cars is made up of a number of different materials, it's important to use the right products and techniques to disinfect a vehicle properly. This goes for the home as well.


You definitely want to stay away from using bleach or hydrogen peroxide in your car. Those products could easily damage the upholstery.


Consumer Reports recommends focusing on disinfecting these vehicle hot spots: your steering wheel, door handles, your car's shifter, window and control buttons, wiper and turn-signal stalks, door and centre console armrests, grab handles, seat adjusters, seat belt clips and air conditioning vents. In your home: Kitchen benches, door handles, hand rails, toilets, taps etc.


If your car has a touch screen or tinted windows  DO NOT use anything that has Ammonia as an ingredient to clean it, because that can strip off anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings.


And if you're low on Surface Sanitiser, please see our SANITISER available online. The main ingredient in our sanitiser is Quaternary Ammonium Compound (please read articles below by World Health Organisation and WA Government Health to see that this disinfectant is effective in fighting this virus). Soap and water is also good for most surfaces. But no matter what you use, a gentle touch is recommended.

The surfaces inside your car are usually going to be more delicate than something like the counter top in your kitchen, so it's important to take care when you apply any cleaning products. Wipe down leather gently with a microfiber cloth; rubbing too vigorously could start to remove the color from the dye in the leather.


And when wiping down fabric upholstery, avoid using too much water, because it could end up creating a musty smell or encouraging mold growth in the cushions.


In addition to coronavirus concerns, Consumer Reports suggests always doing your best to drive with clean hands to keep the surfaces in your car from collecting dirt over time and looking worn out prematurely. Same rule applies to surfaces in your home.

If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to contact us. Please stay safe and read these articles below for more info.

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